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Welcome K-12 Teachers

FF4Kids was created for Kansas teachers in 2005 to answer the mandate for personal finance and economics in the Kansas standards.

* Please note that Teacher's Guides have been revised so make sure you have the 2020 version.

New Teachers - How to Use FF4Kids

Step 1: Register as a Teacher
Please complete the online registration so we can communicate additional resources and share updates with you. Teacher guides will be revised regularly and those new guides will be sent to registered teachers. Access the online tutorial coming soon so you are aware of all the resources included with this courseware.

Register as a FF4Kids user now

We hope that teachers who hear about FF4Kids will share this resource with fellow teachers. If your Kansas district would like free in-service training or other training, please email KCEE@wichita.edu or call 316-978-5183.

Step 2: Download the Teacher's Guide
The Teacher's Guides contain time necessary for each episode, video links, suppplemental lesson plans to enhance the learning, standards information and additional resources. Download the teacher's guide (K-2, 3-5 or 6-8) and determine which level is appropriate for your students and their current level of understanding. Many teachers will begin students at a lower level than their grade level if this is their students' first exposure to the concepts. Once you have selected your level, select the appropriate program/episode. These are designed to build upon knowledge gained and most ideal when presented each year. Most teachers use the videos as the introduction and follow up with the supplmenetal activity and the children's literature connection.

Access the Teacher's Guides Here

Optional Step 2.a: Assign Students the Pre-test Assessment
Have your students take the online assessment as a pre-test for the grade level prior to using resources and repeat as a post-test at the end of using the programs. Be sure to have your students show you their score, use screen capture feature or print the scores since we do not collect individual names or schools. The assessment has also been added to Kahoot if you prefer that method.

Online Assessments

Step 3: Select a Program and Episode
Each level has multiple programs and each program has multiple episodes. Keep track of what episodes your students have completed using the Program Completion Chart. The video links are safe to share with students as they DO NOT have any advertising and do not lead to any other websites once completed.

K-2 Videos
3-5 Videos
6-8 Videos

Step 4: Present the Episode to the Class
Present the courseware in your classroom using the format chosen from step 3. This will be either the video format or the full interactive version.

Option 1: Share video links with students and have them view videos on individual computers.
Option 2: Display the lesson from your computer system to the entire class and talk through the materials together.

Step 5: Supplemental Activity
Do the supplemental activity from the Teacher's Guide to reinforce the concepts covered in the Courseware. If you have not already downloaded the guide then you may print it directly from the website: Access the Teacher's Guides Here


Optional Step 6: Post-test after completing all episodes for the level

At the end of the semester or after your students have completed at least 1/2 of the lessons in their grade level, have your students take the online Post-Test. Be sure to have your students print their test results for your records.

Online Assessments


Every student in Kansas can use FF4Kids free-of-charge thanks to the generosity of these Kansas organizations:

The program updates have been possible thanks to:
Lattner Family Foundation

Development made possible by:
Office of the State Bank Commissioner
Kansas Health Foundation
Financial Fitness Foundation
NexLearn, LLC

Original 2005-2008 Distribution and Teacher Training made possible by:
Office of the State Bank Commissioner
Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation
Federal Home Loan Bank - Topeka, and
the Cloud L. Cray Foundation


Thank you KCEE Contributors!